Controlled & Extended Bandwidth Info

The 0.3 w/HFX

The 0.3 is a state-of-the-art analog interconnect cable using an all PTFE (Teflon) air-tube construction and a pair of helixed Rectangular Solid Core conductors. The extended Bandwidth technology is employed using a product design that has a perfect air-dielectric environment and minimal dielectric construction to extend the high-frequency bandwidth to provide a linear and uncompromising approach to the sound of the interface. A complex system of braided shielding made of pure copper and silver is used to control the RF and EMI interference. The shield is part of a specially designed Floating Shield System, where the shield floats at both ends of the interconnect cable. The floating shield is connected at the source end, to the HFX Floating Ground Station. The Floating Ground Station uses Ceralex devices internally to absorb and dissipate RF and EMI interference in the shield. This is done outside the signal path, and so the 0.3 Interconnect with an ‘out-board’ Floating Ground Station does not affect the high-frequency signal within the signal carrying conductors.

The 0.3 with the Floating Ground Station is designed for component interface of all extreme high-end audio components, but not always for electronics that have limited filtering. The sound of the 0.3 OnBoard Interconnect is tonally balanced, very linear with frequency, extended and airy in the high frequencies and very revealing.

  • RCA (“Torque-lock”) or
  • XLR
  • All new, fine tolerance construction
  • All Teflon air-dielectric spacers and center air tube
  • Twin-axial design features RSC Gen 2 conductors using Aero-PE dielectric
  • Anti-corrosion coated SAOF-8N copper shield
  • Finely tuned frequency response ensures greater frequency linearity and phase coherency
  • Very revealing of low-level ambient and spatial cues with exacting focus
  • Extremely open & detailed
  • Clear & precise , tonally coherent frequency spectrum
  • New resonance control dielectric produces vanishingly low noise floor
Sound Type Extended
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