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Apollo Speaker

Category: Speaker Cables

The Apollo features two 14 AWG conductors each (+) and (-) conductor path consisting of seven SA-OF8N® "Pressure Grouped" solid core copper conductors. Each conductor run is finished by extruding a thin layer of SVPE™ primary dielectric. The Apollo S/C is terminated with a BSM. This enables the user to switch out termination and use either spades or bananas. The Apollo delivers live sound with solid bass, smooth highs and increased clarity. (Click on image to enlarge)

  • BSM (1/4” Spades & Bananas)
  • Two 14 AWG conductors (+&-) Seven SA-OF8N
  • Extruded SVPE primary Dielectric
  • Live sound with solid bass
  • Smooth highs and increased clarity


Sound Type Extended, Controlled
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