The Muse Digital w/HFX Ground Station

The Muse Digital is an exceptional high-end digital cable. It comes complete with TARA labs HFX floating ground station system, for the dissipation of RFI/EMI and state-of-the-art 75 ohm or 110 ohm digital data cable technology.  It is constructed of RSC® SA-OF8N® copper conductors; Aero-PE® dielectric; both mylar backed foil and Anti-Corrosion coated SA-OF8N® copper braided shield. The Muse digital is excellent in it’s ability to deal with “jitter” which is digital distorsion.

  • RCA (75 ohm) or XLR (110 ohm)
  • HFX floating ground station system™
  • RSC® SA-OF8N® Gen2 99.999999% pure copper conductors.
  • Aero-PE® and PTFE dielectric
  • All hand-crafted per in Oregon, USA, and is lifetime guaranteed.
  • Both Mylar backed foil and Anti-Corrosion coated SA-OF8N® copper braided shield.
  • Clear & precise with great imaging
  • High frequency extension
  • Full midrange and powerful base
  • Extremely refined with beautiful sound
  • Musicality is off the charts!

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“The Muse’s performance is beyond reproach. This cable loom is neutral and allows for stunning dynamic expression while communicating the music in a pacey, enjoyably rhythmic way. Low level detail is easily discerned but without introducing artificiality, in other words, the excellent standard of resolution maintains the integrity of the musical message. And that, more than anything, is inspiring.”
–Edgar Kramer, Editor-in-Chief, SoundStage Australia

“TARA Labs in the Muse series have achieved an effect of richness, fullness that even in the top Evolution series did not manifest in such a strong way. This is the fullness based on emphasizing the mid-band, and above all the vocals, while maintaining high resolution and vibrancy of the sound. I heard it right away as soon as I played the Anita Lipnicka Vena Amoris .
The Muse delighted me with the tone, depth and weight of the sound. This is definitely this type of cable that completes the system, fills the cracks in the sound that user may not even be aware of, but after trying TARA one shall find out that something was missing without them … It seems obvious that TARA Labs focused on richness and density of the sound. Although the Evolution series has something very special about it, Muse does not fall far behind it. In some system Muse might be the preferred choice.”
–Wojciech Pacuła, High Fidelity

“With the full TARA implementation—a synergy developed that caught me off guard. The Muse vaulted to new levels of texture and transparency bundled in a very musical package.
For the first time in a long while I found myself able to relax on the couch and not feel compelled to get up and tweak the sound, even with a variety of source material. And that about says it all.
The Muse signal cables demand to be auditioned as a system. In that implementation, I think you will be surprised at the sound quality delivered. These cables will not be going back to the manufacturer: they have found a home in my reference system."
–Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback Online