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Standard and SP version Speaker Cables

At TARA Labs, the major design goal for speaker cables is to reduce the inductance in the cable. However, there are some high-end amplifiers that need to ‘see’ some level of inductance (L) in the speaker cable. When the low damping factor of certain amplifiers is connected with (ultra-low inductance) TARA Labs speaker cables, the output of some high-end loudspeakers becomes audibly variable at different frequencies.
Extreme Audio Systems and Extreme Performance Cables with Low Inductance specifically for speakers that require additional inductance in a speaker cable.

The phenomenon is readily apparent, heard as bass that is soft and low in amplitude, sometimes together with high frequencies that are too smooth or rolled-off. Basically, the resistance in the loudspeaker cable should be ultra-low, and the inductance (L) in the cable needs to be low but sufficient to provide a load to certain amplifiers. There is no ideal value for (L). It varies from system to system, just as impedance varies with frequency in most loudspeakers.

The loudspeaker cables carry much higher signal voltage and current into a non-linear impedance (the loudspeaker) … so the reactive load of the loudspeaker can be difficult for some amplifiers to drive… and the all-important damping factor of the amplifier changes from amplifier to amplifier.

One of the great attributes of TARA labs high-end Speaker Cables is their ultra-low inductance. These Speaker Cables are the ‘state-of-the-art’ in both technology and design from TARA Labs. Its performance level is absolutely spectacular when matched with the majority of high-end audio components available today. And as with an ever increasing introduction of new components into the marketplace, we have found over and over again that not every cable or component has the perfect symbiotic relationship with each other. In these particular instances, there are some amplifiers that need to ‘see’ some level of inductance (L) in the speaker cable. For certain loudspeakers and amplifiers, these cables are designed to work exceptionally well with amplifiers with a low damping factor or loudspeakers with a very reactive load in the lower frequencies. In addition to inductance, TARA Labs SP model speaker cables are also designed for audio systems that are inherently bright or strident in their sound. They offer a controlled bandwidth by being more forgiving with glare or stridency.