Apollo Extreme AC


TARA Labs Apollo Extreme AC power cable is a superior high-end AC power cable to stock OEM cables. All custom hand-crafted in Oregon, USA, and lifetime guaranteed. Each conductor run is “dual” shielded against EMI/RF interference. With many audio systems, “AC power cables are usually the last cables to be included in an audio system”, but with the right cable, you can have a vast improvement in sound quality and performance. “Just imagine the difference between standard tap water out of a kitchen faucet, and pure mountain spring bottled water!” This analogy offers what TARA Labs high-end AC power cables can do for an audio system by “helping to purify the electric current” coming out of the wall.
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• Wattgate AC US plug termination
• 15 or 20 Amp AC US plugs
• Individual Parallel shielded SA-OF8N conductor runs for EMI/RF interference
• Detailed & articulate with rich mid-range and tight full bass
• Spatial cues & extended high frequencies
• Anti-corrosive copper conductors, 99.999999% pure copper
• Custom hand-crafted in the USA, with lifetime guarantee