The Gold™ AC


10 gauge conductor runs; 2 layers of shielding; 60 RSC® Gen 2 conductors helixed in and around Teflon air-tubes™. Each neutral run is dual shielded with anti-Corrosion coated SA-OF8N® copper braid.  
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  • Wattgate standard IEC plug
  • Additional upgrade Oyaide Plug
  • Clear, precise & natural sound
  • Well-shaped imagery
  • Rich mid-range & tight bass
  • Wide excellent sound-stage & spatial cues
  • High-frequency extension
  • Neutral sound with clear presentation




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 “Voices within a group of similar instruments are becoming distinct. You get to hear their interplay and you can tell who is making a contribution at any given moment—the violin, the viola or the cello.” – Marshall Nack / Positive Feedback
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 “Purchased the Gold AC a few years ago and it's still going strong in my system. Looking forward to adding more as soon as I'm able to spend the money...” – Oberton S.