Controlled & Extended Bandwidth Info
  • Filters
air evo
  • All new air-tube™ design
  • Controlled geometry for stable electrical characteristics
  • Teflon and Aero PE filament ensuring a high percentage of overall air dielectric
  • Each channel is a twin axial
The 2
  • SAOF-8N technology
  • Fantastic with both tubed and digital components
  • Extremely detailed and rich in color
  • Life-like in its musicality along with superb sound-staging and imaging
The One w/HFX
  • Info coming soon!
  • Anti-corrosion coated SAOF-8N copper shield
  • HFX Floating Ground Station system included
  • Extremely open & detailed with exacting focus
  • Clear, precise, tonally coherent frequency spectrum

The Muse IC
  • All PTFE Teflon air dielectric spacers and center tube
  • Twin axial-design features RSC Gen2 conductors using Aero-PTFE dielectric
  • HFX Floating Ground Station System
  • Extremely open and detailed
Zero Gold G2
  • New and proprietary air-dielectric construction
  • Rectangular Solid Core® (RSC®) conductors which are 'seated' inside small air-tubes™
  • Exceptional high-frequency extension and detail
  • Capacitance of 4pF
The Zero Evolution w:HFX
  • Zero Evolution design supersedes the Zero Gold with a 75% increase in bandwidth
  • RCA ("Torque-lock") or XLR
  • Anti-corrosion coated SAOF-8N copper shield
  • RSC Gen 2 conductors
Grandmaster w-HFX
  • The most advanced air-tube technology and design
  • All new proprietary “dual mono-block” floating ground station (HFX) and floating shield system
  • Controlled spacing of conductor to conductor geometry, produces record low interconnect capacitance of a mere 2 pF
  • Additionally the conductor to shield capacitance is remarkably low so the EMI/RFI coupling from the shield to conductors is negated