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The Omega Live w/HFX Headphone Cable

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“The Omega Live” with HFX Floating Ground Station System Headphone Audio Cable

*The Omega Live comes with two 0.6m/6ft extension adapters that are terminated with a gold-plated 4 pin balanced XLR female connector on one end, with one extension a gold plated 3.5mm stereo mini on the source side, and another extension a gold-plated ¼” stereo termination adapter.
*Optional custom terminations available on headphone cable and extensions

• Custom hand-crafted in the USA & lifetime guaranteed
• SA-OF8N RSC solid core Gen2 conductors
• HFX floating ground station system
• Multiple terminations available
• High-frequency extension, full mid & tight defined bass
• Neutral & natural with spatial cues and expansive soundstage
• Extremely transparent, fine resolution of details with micro nuances
• Holographic three-dimensional with expensive soundstage
• Images outlined clearly with timber & musicality

6.3mm - ¼” 3.5mm - 1/8” 4 pin mini XLR 3 pin mini XLR Lemmo push-pull MMCX
Hirose push-pull 8 Contact for EL-8 SMC 2.5 mono mini Switchcraft push-pull

*Any headphones that use the above terminations can be used with TARA Labs headphone cables. Please contact TARA Labs for additional info and optional termination pricing.

List of some of the most popular headphones compatible with TARA Labs headphone cables:

Sennheiser HD 800, 700, 650, 600 / OPPO / Focal – Elear, Utopia / AKG K712, K812
Audeze LCD-3, LCD 2, LCD-XC, LCD-X, EL-8 / AudioQuest – Nighthawk / Ultrasone - Edition 5
Hifiman – HE 400, HE 6, HE 1000, HE 560, HE 400i / Mr.Speakers Alpha Dog, ETHER, ETHER C
Shure – SRH1840, SRH1540 / Sony – MDR 27, MDR Z1R / McIntosh – MHP 1000

The TARA Labs Headphone Cable Series are a revolutionary new high-end audio cable series from TARA Labs. The Omega live” is the ultimate in high-end audio headphone cables.

The Omega Live w/HFX is available with a wide variety of termination options and custom lengths that are compatible with most headphone manufacturers world-wide. The standard length is 2.4 meters/8ft. and is terminated with gold plated 4 pin balanced XLR male connector on the source end and also includes two 2’/ 0.6m adapters that are terminated with both a gold-plated 4 pin balanced XLR female connector on one end and a gold plated 3.5mm stereo mini as well as a gold-plated ¼” stereo phono adapter on the source side. The Omega Live is carefully constructed to eliminate any transient triboelectric noise within the cables construction, as well as their ability to dampen. In addition, our customized geometric construction has virtually eliminated internal micro-phonics as well as any triboelectric noise. All headphone cables use TARA Labs SA-OF8N pure copper conductors. 99.999999%, super-annealed, oxygen-free, mono-crystal, frequency-tuned, rectangular sold core conductors (RSC). 

High-res audio is typically 24-bit, with sampling frequencies of 88.2kHz, 96kHz and up to 192kHz. High resolution audio having file formats of FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), WAV, AIFF, are now easily available online, as well as high-res music coming from music servers. These formats offer the listener the ability to hear music as was truly intended with superior sound quality over compressed audio formats. And then there is vinyl! This tried and true music format is unmatched in music recording. As vinyl purists around the world can attest, analog recordings done correctly are as close to a live musical performance as you can get. High-end audio components, as well as comparable headphones, when paired with TARA Labs headphone cables, will truly ignite any audiophile who chooses this fantastic medium for their listening pleasures.

The HFX Floating Ground Station is an extraordinary component that is included with The Omega Live audio headphone cables. TARA Labs proprietary ground station system is made of mil-spec aluminum alloy. Our specific metallurgical properties allow for the reduction of radio frequency interference (RF) and electromechanical resonance; EMI/RFI. It's 18.23% heavier and stronger than aircraft-grade stock. Equipped within the HFX station is a patented ceramic composite of metallic oxides and an amalgam of mineral elements in a proprietary ceramic binder called "Ceralex."

Because the HFX functions completely outside of the signal path, its ability to dissipate and eliminate the effects of EMI/ RFI (Electromagnetic interference & Radio frequency interference) which also includes sonic distortion, noise, "snow", and lack of image clarity. What the listener will hear using the HFX system is more high frequency extension, incredible details, tighter bass and full mid-range, including enhanced musicality and neutrality which are all signature characteristics of TARA labs high-end audio cables. The HFX Floating ground Station System comes complete with a variety of mini banana & spade leads to connect it to virtually any component.

What the listener will hear with the Omega Live w/HFX headphone audio cables has an exceptionally low noise floor and black background. Extreme high frequency extension, exceptional details, superb micro-dynamics, full & rich mid-range and tightly defined bass that is full and has punch. Full range of sound frequencies are afforded to the listener, as well as exceptional soundstage that is holographic, spacious and precise. Spatial cues are well defined, with exceptional nuance of delicate details in the music. Musicality is phenomenal! The Omega Live w/HFX TARA Labs headphone cable is custom hand-crafted at our factory in Oregon, USA, and lifetime guaranteed.

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