The 0.8™


Extremely transparent.  Well defined and vivid images.  Superior phase coherency.  The ISM The 0.8 has 8+ conductor runs, SA-OF8N® copper.  Each channel is comprised of 108 RSC® Gen 2 conductors in Aero-PE® dielectric.  It also has positive/negative run for each channel.  Positive/negative runs are 54 conductors each, helixed around Teflon® air-tubes.

  • BSM (with interchangeable Spades and/or Bananas)
  • 8+ gauge conductor runs.
  • SA-OF8N® copper.
  • Each channel comprised of 108 RSC® Gen 2 conductors in Aero-PE®  dielectric.
  • Positive/negative run for each channel.
  • Positive/negative runs are 54 conductors each
  • Extremely transparent.
  • Well defined and vivid images.
  • Superior phase coherency.

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“Wow! The 0.8 speaker cable absolutely made a difference with my Jeff Rowland components. Tight bass, full midrange that had a warmth to it, and an open high register that was never strident or antisptic. I'm totally impressed with this set of cables that are really four separate cable lengths. Also the spade to banana change-out termination is the first I've seen.”
–TARA Labs Customer "Chi W."

“I could hear an immediate change in my system using the TARA Labs 0.8 cables with my Pass Labs XA160.5 mono blocks. Exquisite detail, but with a "warmth" that complemented the high frequency respone time. Also using the TARA Labs onboard 0.8 between components. I took my time and tried numerous other cables but am now settled in with TARA Labs.”
–TARA Labs Customer "Minceo"

“TARA Labs speaker cable not only revealed what was missing, they showed that my previous cable had a mid-range tonal emphasis. I also noticed a solid improvement in bass extension and high frequency resolution. TARA Labs speaker cable has NO sound.”
–TARA Labs Customer "Jay T."

"I connected the TARA Labs 0.8 speaker cables with our Rockport Atria and Pass Labs X350.8 amplifier & Lamm Industries Inc. LL2.1 preamplifier today, Wow... I was already really impressed with the TARA Labs The 2 speaker cable but the 0.8 has risen to bar to another level of bass dynamics and inner detail in our music room. The world's best audio cables in our opinion."
–Jason Parmenter, Parmenter Sound NZ

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