RSC® Air Forté


The Air series and Air-tube technology of TARA Labs has been at the forefront of audio cable design for more than twenty years. The Air Forte is a high-performance and highly affordable speaker cable. Each channel is comprised of two separate large Teflon tubes. Each Teflon tube is helixed with 24 RSC Gen 2 conductors, making a total of 48 conductors per channel. This speaker cable takes full advantage of air dielectric design principles.

The Air Forte speaker cable has tight bass frequencies, with a neutral and revealing midrange, where images are rendered with precision and lifelike quality. 

  • BSM (with interchangeable Spades and/or Bananas)
  • SAOF-8N copper conductors
  • 10+ gauge conductor runs
  • Each Teflon tube is helixed with 24 RSC Gen 2 conductors
  • Neutral & revealing
  • Linear and extended high frequencies
  • Natural midrange and vocal frequencies
  • Tight and articulate bass frequencies

**The Air Forte 'SP' (Special Performance) model is also available. This is the upgraded version recommended for audio systems that require additional inductance.

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“I've been listening to my system which has finally come around after installing [RSC Air Forte]. I had been missing that last little bit of speed, resolution and musicality that I knew was cable related since the rest of the system is quite resolving. But for some reason, all the cables I have been using had too much of a signature to really enjoy. Not so with the RSC Air Forte. I'm getting a beautifully clear detailed sound stage, just the right amount of bass and a clear but not etched high frequency presentation. Seriously, one could not ask for a better product given what the final listening results have yielded. Thanks for the loan, you have a winner on your hands.”
–Richard Colburn, AURALiC North America

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