RSC® Air Evolution Digital

The RSC Air Evolution digital is an excellent digital cable due to not only it’s ability to deal with “Jitter” distortion, but because of it’s unique construction that makes this digital cable an absolute necessity with those components that use digital cabling.

The RSC Air Evolution digital uses our SA-OF8N conductors. Rectangular solid core (RSC) that is 99.999999 pure copper, oxygen-free, mono-crystal, hand-polished and frequency -tuned Gen2. Using TARA Labs Anti-Corrosion copper braided shielding, this removes EMI/RF interference.

  • RCA (75 ohm) or XLR (110 ohm)
  • RSC SA-OF8N 99.999999% pure copper conductors
  • Mylar backed foil & Anti-Corrosive copper braided shield
  • Aero PE & PTFE dielectric
  • Clear, detailed and precise sound
  • Excellent sound-stage with spatial cues
  • Full mid-range, and bass
  • High frequency-extension
  • Available with EVO Floating Ground Station for additional cost


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“Air Evolution transients are sharp edged and fast, as fast as any cable I've come across... The TARA Labs Air Evolution Interconnect with EVO Floating Ground Station is advertised as completely neutral and absolutely revealing with high frequency and airy detail that is not found in comparable audio cables." It is certainly neutral, revealing, and loaded with detail...The bottom line is TARA Labs new Air Evolution cables are out-sized performers and offer a big bang for the buck. Highly recommended without reservation for those shopping at this price point.”
–Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback Online

“The [RSC Air Evolution] brought greater definition, greater contrasts and sound that, despite fairly neutral, came as seductive… the background noise of the amplifier faded, as if by a miracle … greater neutrality, higher detail, more extension of the sound stage… extraordinary silence and greater dynamics. The Air Evolution was able to provide more space between notes, more air between the instruments, more sky between the voices. If your system has an interesting quality level but are thinking of improving it, try changing cables for this Air Evolution.”
–Leonel Garcia-Marque, Audio & Cinema em Casa

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