The Omega™ Evolution


The Omega Evolution has now become one of TARA Labs ultimate speaker cables. The Omega Evolution is just one step below the Grandmaster Evolution speaker cables. The RSC conductors are insulated with a fine layer of aerospace polyethylene, a very neutral material with almost no audible effect.

The Omega Evolution delivers lifelike, almost holographic sound, pin-point imaging and clear resolution of fine detail with extreme ease. What you will hear is an accurate harmonic structure extending upwards with the finest and most delicate of high frequencies. This will be contrasted with a vanishingly low noise floor. The reproduction of the recorded space can only be described as holographic. The qualities of a reverberation and ambient retrieval are simply astonishing. The Omega Evolution has a level of performance that is beyond comparison to any other speaker cable in the world with the obvious exception of the Grand Master Evolution.

  • BSM (with interchangeable Spades and/or Bananas)
  • 4+ gauge conductor runs per channel
  • SA-OF8N copper
  • Each channel comprised of 280 RSC Gen 2 conductors in Aero-PE GMI dielectric
  • Separate positive and negative conductor run for each channel
  • Helixed Rectangular Solid-Core conductors and air-tube technology
  • Spectacular power and clarity. Absolutely neutral and coherent
  • Superb resolution of micro-detail and ambient information
  • Powerful dynamic contrasts. Superbly defined and vivid images 

**The Omega Evolution 'SP' (Special Performance) model is also available. This is the upgraded version recommended for audio systems that require additional inductance.

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“Best speaker cable I’ve ever heard!”
–YK Chan / Audiophile Magazine Hong Kong

“If you start listening from the interconnect, it will prepare you for most of the changes that will happen after the change of speaker cable. Even this, however, does not prepare listener for the incredible dynamics of this cable [The Omega Evolution] with which it delivers music. This is amazing, because until now I believed that Omega Onyx, which I was familiar with like with almost any other element of my system, will crush every competitor and won't be taken by a surprise by none. And here come a surprise - Omega Evolution is clearly faster and much more dynamic. These are not minor changes but a significant improvement.”
–Wojciech Pacuła, High Fidelity & Positive Feedback Online

“The new physically flexible TARA Labs Omega Evolution, incorporating almost twice as many rectangular, solid-core "8 Nines" oxygen-free copper elements (280 versus the Omega Gold's 156), adds the speed, transparency, dimensionality and, especially, textural suppleness … with no sonic penalty paid for the major improvements.”
–Stereophile Magazine Recommended Components

"The Omega Evolution speaker cable is as perfect as any cable could be. Blending a remarkable soundstage with instruments hanging delicately in space and absolute neutrality allowing every nuance to shine though. Truly a platinum standard for both tube and solid-state systems alike."
–Carl Jerritts / APEX Audio

“I think this is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard from a speaker wire...”
–TARA Labs Customer "Chen," HIFI Shou