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Consumer Reviews

“The Muse cable has extreme resolution…” – Positive Feedback magazine / Marshall Nack – 4/1/17 Issue 90

“As it happened, I had just gotten in new cables from TARA Labs. I inserted a couple of runs of The Muse interconnects between DAC –> pre –> amps. Yes, you know where the narrative is headed next. The view sharpened up. Edge details and textures came into focus—everything came into focus. These are very fast cables—no question about that.” – Positive Feedback magazine / Marshall Nack – 4/1/17 Issue 90

“The Muse relaxed, and musical flow, defined as how the sound moves from note to note, improved. I was happy to note the timbral palette was rich and varied. This is one of TARA Labs hallmarks.” – Positive Feedback magazine / Marshall Nack – 4/1/17 Issue 90

“The Muse signal cables demand to be auditioned as a system. In that implementation, I think you will be surprised at the sound quality delivered. These cables will not be going back to the manufacturer: they have found a home in my reference system.” – Positive Feedback magazine / Marshall Nack – 4/1/17 Issue 90 (Mr. Nack decided to replace his current high-end audio cables, and replace them with TARA Labs Muse series cables for his home audio reference system)

“With the full TARA implementation—a synergy developed that caught me off guard. The Muse vaulted to new levels of texture and transparency bundled in a very musical package.” – Positive Feedback magazine / Marshall Nack – 4/1/17 Issue 90

“With The Muse in stream, I’m playing more music from my collection and not just the audiophile-approved fare.” – Positive Feedback magazine / Marshall Nack – 4/1/17 Issue 90

“Devon, these Omega Evolution cables are remarkable and in my opinion State of the Art ! These cables have added so much to my musical listening in terms of enjoyment. Every addition of these Omega Evolutions has been transformative. I started with the speaker cables and added a balanced pair from preamp out to amps, replacing WireWorld Platinum 7 ICs and Snake River Signature speaker cables. The speaker cables and 1st ICs were an improvement in foundation and a big change in midbass and bottom end. But when I replaced the WW ICs from DAC to Preamp with the loners, I was really blown away, that move completed the loom and everything blossomed. The WireWorld cables are really good cables and I could have lived with them no problem, until I heard my system with these. When I added the loners, it really took things to the next level. I have 200 hours on the loners and all around my system has never sounded better. Devon, top to bottom, these cables have brought everything into focus. Resolution, I can hear sounds and tones I never heard before. Delineation of sounds, now I can distinguish things, some I didn’t even know were in the music. Clarity and cohesion, crystal clear and everything is realistically connected. I think that’s a real problem with cables, especially with separate components, notes and sounds take on an artificial texture, they don’t sound connected right, and the music loses its emotion. The sounds need to connect well to have emotion. And most of all dynamics. These cables allow me to listen at any level and hear great sound. These cables make listening pleasurable with all music, and I’m only using CDs right now !! My best CDs have moments where things get scary realistic. Applause, cymbals, tom toms, drums, all percussion sounds real. Flute… acoustic guitar, spooky real. These are the best cables I have heard in my system and if there is a better cable I don’t know what it is and I have do desire to try and find them.

Devon, these cables have really completed my system. Very glad I completed the loom, that took everything over the top. The Evolutions have given all my components their true value by allowing them to connect with each other and maximize their potential. I have never heard everything sound like this and sound this good. Nothing left to say ! – Tom G.”


“Please let all the personnel know that I fully appreciate the quality of their products, the expert work they do and the patience and time they take to do it. I know fully well that no one in your company would ever do less than the reputation of your company demanded.

You had every right to share my e-mail with them. In doing so they know they are under absolutely no pressure from me to expedite their craft to save a little time. They certainly know that the best cannot be rushed to be the best it can be.

As always, I cannot express my thanks enough to you and your wonderful staff. I have never experienced such superb customer service from any company and that includes car dealers from Honda to Toyota and BMW and high end audio manufacturers, although some have come close but are still not on your level.

Your standards are exemplary for the industry. I do not understand why any serious audiophile would ever consider any cable products other than Tara Labs!

I do not wish to forget Merrill, of course. He has extended his generosity to me twice now of course. It is not often that the President of a company extends himself on a personal customer level.

Thank you so much again. If I lived in your area I would treat you all to a dinner at the restaurant of your choice!

Sincerely and with the Kindest Regards,

Bob Nowinski

Your dear friend and satisfied customer in TN”


“The Omega Evolution speaker cable is as perfect as any cable could be. Blending a remarkable soundstage with instruments hanging delicately in space and absolute neutrality allowing every nuance to shine though. Truly a platinum standard for both tube and solid-state systems alike.” — Carl Jerritts / APEX Audio

“The Air Evolution transients are sharp edged and fast, as fast as any cable I’ve come across.” — Marshall Nack / Positive Feedback Issue #77, 2015

“The TARA Labs Air Evolution Interconnect with EVO Floating Ground Station is advertised as completely neutral and absolutely revealing with high frequency and airy detail that is not found in comparable audio cables.” It is certainly neutral, revealing, and loaded with detail” — Marshall Nack / Positive Feedback Issue #77, 2015

“The bottom line is TARA Labs new Air Evolution cables are out-sized performers and offer a big bang for the buck. Highly recommended without reservation for those shopping at this price point.” — Marshall Nack / Positive Feedback Issue #77, 2015

“Right out of the box this interconnect sounded great. Fast, transparent and a whole lot of detail in the top end.” – T. Meyers / CA (Air Forte Interconnect)

“TARA Labs onboard cable is what they describe as a controlled bandwidth cable (if I read this correctly on their website) I found it was quite forgiving used with my Wilson speakers which sometimes are on the bright side. (though the Wilsons are awesome!) But using the onboard cable really made my whole setup quite musical sounding…I also use TARA Labs in the rest of my system” – James T. / Michigan (ISM Onboard Digital)

“The Omega Gold has a depth to the sound stage unmatched by any other cable I have listened to, incredible air, bass, mid-range to die for, transit speed is off the charts, very holographic sounding 3-dimensional life like sound, this cable will immerse you in music nirvana, if you want one of the best speaker cable’s available, look no further, truly a game changer.” — Keith Henry / Audiogon Forum Member “AudioLabyrinth”

“The imaging within the soundstage is f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c andso is the purity and clarity of the sound. I wish every cable in the high end audio industry imaged like that…” – Audiodrom / Listopad 2014 MJ

“Being there a physical sense of every instrument including its harmonic envelope, the The ISM The 2EX could be contenders to the best speaker cables on the planet.” – Audiodrom Online Magazine, 2014

“I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the recommendation and great service. I received the TARA Labs RSC Prime 800 speaker cables. They sound fantastic in my system and are a huge compliment to my Spendor A6’s.” – David, (Design Audio Video/Texas)

“I have been on a quest for over a year, replacing a 20+ year old system, and the cables were the last piece of the puzzle. I’ve been through cables from MIT Matrix 23 and Alpha Core Goertz Vericity MI2 to van den Hul D-352 and have been disappointed by each of them in one aspect or another. Trialed against even Shunyata Black Mamba’s at 3X the price, the TARA Labs held their ground…amazing!”

“The TARA Labs RSC Prime 800 are phenomenal in all aspects in my system…tremendous bass reach and foundation without, smooth transition to present midrange with no forwardness, detailed highs without excessive brightness or sparkle…and a soundstage that has extended far beyond the speakers separation as well as depth and placement of instruments within the overall presentation.”

“Thanks again for the great service!” – David

When I use the TARA Labs ISM the One Digital and 0.8 Onboard, my friends and guests don’t say much about “the sound.” And that happens, because the TARA Labs digital cables are so transparent and free of noise that they get out of th eway and let the equipment and recordings do the talking. By stepping aside, the TARA Labs digital cables can eliminate barriers between listeners and the music…and even when we use ratty equipment, the TARA Labs digital cables’ lack of distortion does not heap further insult onto the music.” – John

“I wanted to let you know that last weekend I finally had the chance to incorporate all your cables in my Kondo/Tidal set up. In one word: I am very impressed! A deep black background, a large space in which the various instruments can be recognized and followed (tunes fading away) very clearly. The combination of tremendous transparency and beautiful tonality makes them addictive.” – Rudolf

“Just a quick note to say the ISM 2EX have arrived, and even without any system setup, straight from the box, they have made an immediate impact. The mid-range is gloriously rich, with more timbre on vocals. The bass is much fuller with far more weight. The soundstage is also expansive. These were all criticisms of my Nordost LS Red Dawn, so I could not be happier. However when I evaluated the overall sound, I found that nothing was missing, it just sounded different, but definitely more ‘natural’. I think the Nordost range (LS Red Dawn/Frey) that I have tried tend to highlight particular frequencies to sound impressive, but these are quite tiring over long periods and/or higher volumes. In summary, a fantastic result, which I am sure will only improve as the cables get some more hours. Cheers.” – Leif R.

“The cables arrived today, and I leave for Hawaii tomorrow. Wow, even straight out of the box, the ISM Onboard Digital sounds terrific. It simply opens the door between transport and DAV, letting more of the signal/recording through. Other cables seem so filtered, restrictive, and colored.” – Tom

“Just wanted to say I’m enjoying the sub-woofer cable. I was watching the recent Blu-Ray release of the Steven Spielberg movie Super 8, man when the train wreck scene came, the whole house shook! The dog ran and hid in the other room! LOL The wife came running in the living room and said “Turn it down!” I don’t think so!” – William S.

“The black and white film really showcased the improvement in contrast. The areas of mid to dark shadows showed an impressive level of detail and the film grain was wonderfully preserved. By this time, I wanted to rediscover my entire DVD library, even if it was only a few scenes from each movie.” – Josh B.

“As with all Tara products, the AD / 10B imparts no coloration to the sound and I could detect no loss of dynamic range. It revealed the differences between tube and solid state equipment, emphasizing the positive qualities of both.” – Tom W.

“I bought Video HT wires for my Sony DVPs9000es DVD player in 65″ TV and they look amazing. Great product.” – Mark B.

“…loaned me a pair of your entry level RSC Axiom 1 meter interconnects, and they blew away my Kimber Heros out of the ballpark! It wasn’t even a contest! You’re right, once you hear RSC cables, there’s no going back to anything else!” – Jeff S.

“The background is now jet black and super deep. It’s like there is zero noise coming into the system. And, the sound staging is better, with great width and depth. The overall sound is totally smooth and totally transparent.” – Robert H.

“RSC Interconnects – I have enjoyed hours of cable movies and digital playback without glare ‘hardness’ or ‘beaminess’. All other cables I have auditioned, and they are many; typically emphasize a potion of the sound at the expense of overall performance. Many are too neutral, lacking in dynamics. Others are lively, a bit ‘out of control’. Some are way too forward, ‘in your face’. By sharp contrast, TARA Labs cables present a soundstage that emerges naturally, out of silence, and does not draw attention to itself. TARA Labs RSC interconnects have NO sound.” – Tom S.

“TARA Labs speaker cable not only revealed what was missing, they showed that my previous cable had a mid-range tonal emphasis. I also noticed a solid improvement in bass extension and high frequency resolution. TARA Labs speaker cable has NO sound.” – Jay T.

“Prism AC Power Cord – These cords provide a solid, quiet platform for electrical current to flow. The audio and video are ‘effortless’ and the dynamics are natural without compression. Yes, TARA Labs Prism power cords also have NO sound. We all want value for our money, but TARA Labs products offer much more…nothing!” – Allan S.

“The color saturation really stood out in the digitally transferred films, A Bug’s Life and Pleasantville. The scene in Pleasantville when David takes his date out to “the spot” and the petals falling from the trees are pink for the first time was breathtaking. Akira Kurosawa’s classic The Hidden Fortress was a delight to watch again. The black and white film really showcased the improvement in contrast. The areas of mid to dark shadows showed an impressive level of detail and the film grain was wonderfully preserved. By this time, I wanted to rediscover my entire DVD library, even if it was only a few scenes from each movie.” – Bill R.

“As with all Tara products, the AD / 10B imparts no coloration to the sound and I could detect no loss of dynamic range. It revealed the differences between tube and solid state equipment, emphasizing the positive qualities of both. The liquidity and musicality of tubes and the speed and dynamics of solid state.” – Tom W.

“I like the Air 1’s better in my system. I also have a pair of Air 2 speaker cables. Amazing sound from both. I’ve died and gone to heaven – I swear. Thanks for your time and research. I am one of your loyal customers that is truly enjoying your efforts. And I did listen to XLO, Straightwire, & JPS Labs. I bought TARA Labs. Amen.” – Kevin L.

“The pinpoint imaging of voices behind the mikes was surgically precise. The cable mastered relative distances between the singers and, as a bonus, it also depicted relative heights of the singers. Usually I hear this track with the voices coming as if from the same horizontal level – this time I could hear how tall the singer were.” – Audiodrom Online Magazine, 2014

“By the clever design TARA Labs have managed to achieve the goal when timing is unified across the frequency spectrum and the system provides crystal clear view of the soundstage not only in spatial domain, but also in temporal domain.” – Audiodrom Online Magazine, 2014