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Lifetime Warranty

All TARA Labs high-end audio cables are custom hand-crafted in Oregon, USA.

TARA Labs products have a non-transferable, limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

Using decades old techniques, proprietary & patented materials, along with the latest testing equipment, all TARA Labs audio cables are meticulously custom hand-crafted, tested multiple times and shipped out.

Under proper care, TARA Labs audio cables should last a lifetime for the original owner.


Please note that high-end audio cables should be considered a component and not an accessory. Using the correct audio cables in your audio system is just as important as an amplifier, speakers or any other essential component.

TARA Labs audio cables are built to last under normal use, but should be handled as delicately as you would handle any other component in your audio system.

Please note that our warranty policy applies to defects in material and workmanship only, and excludes:

• Malfunction of product(s) caused by accident, customer misuse, and contact with solvent chemicals or malfunction or damage to the product(s) caused by improper connection(s) to audio/video equipment.
• Merchandise which has been reconditioned, used as rental equipment, and floor or display product(s)/model(s).
• Merchandise which has been manufactured by or identified as the products of another company.
• Repair, replacement, or transportation costs of merchandise determined not to be defective in materials and workmanship. TARA Labs in its sole discretion, shall determine whether or not its products are defective in materials and workmanship.
• Abuse of product(s) or misuse of product(s) in any way other than the products intended use. TARA Labs in its sole discretion, will determine whether its product(s) have been abused or misused and/or whether any damage to its product(s) are the result of negligence, abuse or misuse.
• Warranty does not cover cosmetic damages or damage from everyday wear and tear or from transportation by a common carrier.

Please note the warranty is only valid if you are the original owner of the cable and can provide us with a copy of the original receipt. By performing the repair work on the cable yourself, you will void the limited lifetime warranty on your cables. If you would like to send the cables in for a non-warranty repair, please ship it to:

TARA Labs, Inc.
716 Rossanley Drive
Medford, OR 97501

*Please contact us before you ship the cable to request an RA number. Be sure to write the RA number clearly on the outside of the package. When we receive the cable the technicians will check it over and assess the damage. We will contact you to let you know that we received the cable, and when you can expect the repair to be completed. If the repair is not covered by warranty, we will contact you with an estimate of the repair costs. Also, any ends replaced would have a new limited lifetime warranty), we will then begin work on the cable as soon as we secure payment. Once the cable is repaired you will receive a confirmation e-mail with tracking information. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.