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Types of Audio System Setups

The below recommendations are based upon our decades of experience in setting up a variety of high-end audio systems with our cables.

By analyzing each audio system’s setup, we have made recommendations on which model TARA Labs cables would both enhance and greatly improve a systems performance. We’ve categorized each system into three-four levels of cable models: Entry Level, Mid Level, High Level, and Extreme High Level. Levels are based upon price and our experience with the most popular manufacturers product brands used in creating these audio system setups.

*By clicking on any of the cable names, you will be linked to that particular cables information & image on our website.

NOTE: The below recommendations are the sole responsibility of the user. TARA Labs claims no responsibility for any choices you make regarding cables or system setup. Click here to read: TARA Labs Terms & Conditions.

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Basic Stereo Setup

Recommended Cables:

ENTRY-LEVEL SETUP: Apollo I InterconnectsApollo Speaker cables, Apollo AC power cable

MID-LEVEL SETUP: Air Forte InterconnectAir Forte Speaker Cable, RSC Prime M Digital cable, RSC Prime AC power cable

HIGH-LEVEL SETUP: Air Evolution or The 0.8 InterconnectsAir Evolution or The 0.8 Speaker cables, Air Evolution Digital cable, Air Reference AC power cable

EXTREME HIGH-LEVEL SETUP: The Muse or Zero Gold Gen2 InterconnectsThe One CX or The Muse Speaker CablesThe One AC or The Gold AC power cables

Near Field System with Active Speaker (Amplifier inside)

Recommended Cables:

ENTRY-LEVEL SETUP: Apollo Speaker cables, Apollo AC power cable

MID-LEVEL SETUP: Air Forte Speaker cablesRSC Prime AC power cable

HIGH-LEVEL SETUP: Air Evolution Speaker cablesAir Reference AC power cable

EXTREME HIGH-LEVEL SETUP: The 0.8 InterconnectsThe 0.8 Speaker cablesThe One AC power cable