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Q – Will CRS work with any system, or combination of components?

A – Yes. We have compiled a list of over four hundred manufacturers of audio components, as well as the thousands of model numbers that represent their product line. This current list includes their; Amplifiers, pre-amplifiers & speakers.


Q – How do you determine which TARA labs cables to recommend once a user submits their systems components?

A – We have spent over ten years developing the CRS system. CRS made its first debut performance at the 2005 CES show in Las Vegas. Since its induction, we have continually added and upgraded information into our CRS program, as well as technically advanced and improved this program. New information obtained by way of print & online magazine reviews, online forums & blogs, manufacturers websites, consumer reviews as well as over thirty years’ experience of being part of as well as contributing in the high-end audio industry .


Q – What if I already own another cable manufacturers product, and am just interested in adding TARA Labs cables into my system to compliment my current cables?

A – CRS system takes this into account by asking you questions regarding your system sound once you begin to enter information into our program. Please note that TARA Labs cables are extremely neutral, and will complement and improve virtually any combination of components along with its many other attributes which makes them the preferred high-end reference audio cables amongst audiophiles all over the world.


Q – I didn’t see my manufacturers’ brand name on your components list?

A – We have compiled a list of over four hundred manufacturers brands of audio components, in addition to their subsequent model numbers that range in the thousands. We realize that even with this enormous list, some manufacturers will inadvertently be absent. This is not intended as an insult, but rather a continual growing process to expand our CRS program, by adding both new as well as missed manufacturers to the program. We have added an area where we encourage users to enter that information so we may research those components and consider adding them to our CRS program.


Q – Once I find the cables that fit my system, where can I purchase them?

A – TARA Labs has dealers all over the world. You can contact us for the official TARA Labs dealer/distributer nearest you. Our representatives will also supply you with a price depending upon which country you reside.


Q – Where can I find additional information on TARA Labs cables?

A – Our CRS program, website, as well as our dealers can supply you all information on TARA Labs cables. For additional information, please contact us at; or call us at (541) 488 – 6465


Q – Can you offer a detailed description on how CRS system works?

A – We have research every “high-end” audio manufacturer brand name that we could find. Once we found the manufacturer, we researched their models of amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and speakers. An analysis was then made of each component based upon available manufacturer website information, professional industry print magazine reviews, online magazine reviews, online forums, audio-blogs, consumer reviews, and our many decades of experience in the industry. This information was then written into an extremely complex technological original computer based program developed strictly by TARA Labs) After a user completes and enters the multiple fields with their information, CRS program deciphers all the stored info of those components, as well as analyzing all information regarding TARA Labs cables. Based upon our CRS final analysis, the program offers a recommendation of two TARA Labs cables that will complement the users audio system. A user has the option to click on those recommendations and receive additional info on the cables sonic qualities, construction details, cable image, and consumer reviews. *Please note that our CRS program is well intended to help users choose the correct TARA Labs cables for their system, as well as being used for entertainment purposes.


Q – In using the CRS program, I noticed that the same cable name was recommended in numerous component fields?

A – TARA Labs has a number of cables that work extremely well and complement systems whether your desired sound was “weight & warmth” or “extended and detailed.”


Q – When I searched on “Amplifier Manufacturer,” I also saw the same brand name on “Speakers”, yet never heard that this particular manufacturer ever made speakers?

A – In our research we found numerous manufacturers who had 99% of their products listed as amplifiers and pre-amps for example, yet decided to try making speakers at one time. To try and be as complete as possible, we included that brand in the other category to help buyers who happened to buy that particular component. We also include manufacturers who only existed for a very short time for that same reason.


Q – Is there anything else you can tell me about TARA Labs cables?

A – Since 1986, TARA Labs has been considered one of the worlds’ best high-end audio cable manufacturers. All of TARA Labs cables are custom hand-crafted in the USA. All TARA Labs cables are lifetime guaranteed against manufacturers’ defects. And to those audiophiles who demand the very best in audio cables, TARA Labs has won more professional reviewer awards, accolades & positive reviews, than any other cable manufacture in the world for almost forty years.