• RCA (“Torque-Lock”) or XLR
  • ISM Onboard Capsule
  • Anti-corrosion Integrated silver braided shield
  • RSC / SA-OF8N 99.999999% pure copper conductor
  • Lumens air tube dielectric technology
  • Articulated low mid and exceptional bass frequencies
  • Additional high-frequency extension that fully supports a low bass signal

The ISM Subwoofer cable from TARA Labs is our top of the line subwoofer cable.

Made with our Teflon Lumens tube, this cable uses an air dielectric which helps deliver a signal that is extremely clean and quite exceptional in delivering a sub-woofer sound that really shines in any home theater systems.

Using integrated shield to ground, with an onboard Ceralex capsule that virtually eliminates all EMI/RF interference. The end result is a sub-woofer cable that offers the listener a low-mid to bass sound that exemplifies realism as well as “shaking the foundations” of the house.