The Echo Digital LE


  • All new air tube design
  • Controlled geometry for stable electrical characteristics
  • Teflon and Aero PE filament ensuring a high percentage of overall air dielectric
  • SA-OF8N: 99.999999% pure copper conductor, mono-crystal, oxygen-free, frequency-tuned, rectangular solid core
  • Anti-corrosion coated copper shield
  • Extremely transparent, detailed, open & revealing
  • Fine resolution of detail
  • Image outlines clearly defined, life-like imagery & soundstage

The Echo LE audio cable using, Air-tube™ technology from TARA Labs has been at the forefront of audio cable design for over 30 years. This innovative technology has enabled TARA labs to design audio cables that are capable of reproducing live music sound recordings with phenomenal accuracy. This high-end digital audio cable offers a performance level found in cables costing twice the price! With a Capacitance figure of only 10 pF per foot (pico-Farads). The digital bit-stream is a complex series pulses in a simple on or off (called binary) code. These impulses, in the correct sequence, can be used to reproduce simple or very complex sounds. For example, a single sine wave such as a 200 cycle (200 Hz) sine wave. Mathematically speaking, a square wave is an infinite series of sine waves at all of the odd harmonics of the fundamental. Only the correct series of sine waves can correctly create a 200 Hz square wave. Hundreds of higher-order harmonics are required to reproduce the correct harmonic structure of a musical note without distortion. TARA labs has created and designed the technology that has helped our current line of digital cable models tone down and virtually eliminate the problem that “jitter” causes to a digital cable. You see it is this widely known error which is called ‘jitter’, which causes issues within the digital cable. Jitter can be thought of as a timing error or a distortion of the digital bit-stream within the digital send and receive components and the digital interconnect cable. The most significant reason for the different sound in digital recording and playback systems is the phenomenon of ‘errors’. The most widely known error is called ‘jitter’ Our digital technology has enabled TARA labs to create an interconnect that has an outstanding high frequency bandwidth offering superb high frequency extension, as well as a vast improvement over all the frequencies involved with translating the music into what you hear in your audio system. In addition the construction uses a minimal amount of dielectric material and a pair of the Rectangular Solid Core™ conductors. The sound of The Echo Digital LE is completely neutral and absolutely revealing with high frequency and airy detail that is not found in comparable audio cables.

RSC The Echo Digital = 10pF (cable capacitance is measured in pico-farads / pF)