The Grand Master USB w/HFX Ground Station


The Grandmaster Evolution USB high-end reference audio cable with an HFX ground station system, is at the absolute pinnacle of high-end USB audio cables. This audio cable is custom manufactured with superb control electrical characteristics.  The triple insulated conductors are created using High Accuracy Dual Axis Laser Micrometers during the insulating process to control the uniformity, as well as a consistent controlled uniform capacitance and impedance of the conductors. The significance of this is that the conductors are able to run as a helixed unit which is very important for a USB cable, which carries both signal and power, as well as increasing transmission speeds, and cutting down on “jitter” which is vital for any high-end audio USB cable. In addition, there are three separate layers of silver metal braided shielding & silver foil which provides superb high shielding effectiveness in the data pair from external EMI/RF electrical noise from the surrounding environment. Encasing the conductors is TARA Labs implementation of its air-tube technology, which infuses microscopic hollow glass spheres into the multiple Teflon and Aero PE (polyethylene) dielectric micro air tubes. The Grandmaster Evolution 2.0 USB cables are terminated as type A to type B.

The Grandmaster Evolution USB is an exceptionally musical cable which is seldom experienced in high-end USB audio cables. Using TARA Labs unique construction & geometry methodologies as well as our patented materials, TARA Labs has created the ultimate high-end audio USB cable that offers a performance of exceptional musicality, micro details, pinpoint imaging, holographic soundstage, with enormous spatial cues. The Grandmaster Evolution comes complete with TARA Labs HFX ground station system and packaged in an elegant custom foam-lined carrying case.

All TARA labs cables are custom hand-crafted in Oregon, USA, and lifetime guaranteed.