The Master M-Series Microphone Cable




TARA Labs has taken its incredible thirty-three-year expertise in cutting edge audio cable technology & design, and developed an extreme high-end instrument cable, using the same technology that is used on our extreme high-end reference audio cables. This instrument cable can be used with guitar, bass, keyboards or any other instrument that uses a ¼” instrument audio cable in the recording studio. Used in recordings by Stanly Clarke, Patrice Rushen, Kenny Burrell, and endorsed by such legendary musicians and producers as; Larry Carlton, David Benoit, Nathan East, Jeffrey Webber. As well as used in such prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, Capitol Records studio, Sony studios..

*Please note this is an extreme reference instrument cable that can transmit an extremely wide bandwidth audio signal of multiple frequencies that help transmit the signal from instrument to final recording, in such a way that the listener will hear the music as never before. Absolutely stunning!


Every TARA Labs cable is custom hand-crafted to order in Oregon, USA. The construction of this cable begins with our RSC (Rectangular Solid Core) SA-OF8N (Super-annealed, oxygen-free, mono-crystal, frequency-tuned, hand-polished 99.999999% pure copper conductors. Additional cable construction uses advanced Aero-PE dielectrics, Teflon air tubes, as well as other proprietary materials, that is form fitted into a black filament sleeve. Cable terminations available are either a balanced XLR gold-pinned connector, or a ¼” gold-plated connector plug that is available in either mono or stereo plugs, in addition to straight or right-angle positioning.


You will hear exquisite high frequency extension that is quite airy and open, with extremely wide spatial cues. A full rich mid-range that is detailed and open, and deep tight & firm bass. A low-noise floor with the deepest dark background, and a soundstage that is holographic in dimensionality. The signal is clean, focused, and maintains a depth in which the listener is encapsulated within the music. Vocals are crisp and clear with great musicality. These cables are far beyond any other high-end microphone cables available in the marketplace today. Endorsed by the worlds leading recording studios, music venues, and musicians.

For musicians and producers who demand the very best in equipment, instruments and audiophile recording.


All TARA Labs cables have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: All TARA Labs instrument and microphone cables are custom hand-crafted in Southern Oregon and extremely well built. Please note that these audio cables also have a delicate construction within using expensive materials, and care must be taken when using them as not to break or damage the conductor by being stepped on, putting equipment on it, and especially bending it too much which can break the conductor or damage the air tubes inside. These cables will last you a lifetime and give you the ability to record music as it was truly intended.