The Master USB w/EVO Ground Station


  • Available with USB Type A and USB Type B termination
  • Custom gold-plated USB 2.0 connectors
  • Crush-resistant Polypropylene Polymers
  • Flexible PTFE dielectrics
  • Anti- corrosion shields & Triple shielded: Twin Silver coated copper braided shields & full Mylar silver shield
  • Controlled geometry, Uniform Insulated & twisted
  • 99.999999% pure, mono crystal, OFC silver-coated copper conductors
  • Clear & beautiful, Fast attack, sustain & decay
  • High-frequency extension with precision sound performance
  • Extremely quiet and revealing, vanishingly low noise floor
  • EVO Ground Station System
  • Exceptional musicality, Data flow, jitter free
  • Natural & neutral sounding, reference level
  • Full mid-range and powerful, Bass, Holographic soundstage

The Artist and The Master w/EVO ground station system are 2.0 USB high-end audio cables that are so much more than just a data transfer cable. TARA Labs USB cables excel in musicality, as well as high-frequency extension, superb mid-range and powerful tight bass. You will also experience width and depth and height and balance, and all the characteristics we expect from a TARA Labs high-end audio cables. TARA Labs; The Artist and The Master USB cables are two brand new extraordinary high-end audio cable models that will upgrade and drastically improve your systems performance.

The construction of TARA Labs Artist and Master w/EVO, USB Cables incorporates a high-quality polypropylene polymer material as the conductor insulation. It is currently in the data transmission industry to create twisted pair digital data transmission lines with very control electrical characteristics. It is an exceptionally durable insulation with good crush resistance that offer flexibility and reliable in such transmission lines. The insulated conductors are created using High Accuracy Dual Axis Laser Micrometers during the insulating process to control the uniformity in the insulation wall thickness thus creating very consistent capacitance for the length of the conductors. The initial pair forming of this product is done using specially designed planetary cabling machines that offer uniform twisting of the insulated conductors into data lines that have controlled uniform capacitance and impedance, as well as using specific technological methods to hand-craft the construction. This will offer uniform twisting of the insulated conductors into data lines that have controlled uniform capacitance and impedance. The significance of this is that the conductors are able to run as a helixed unit which is very important for a USB cable, which carries both signal and power, as well as increasing transmission speeds, and cutting down on “ jitter” which is vital for any high-end audio USB cable. In addition, the multiple layers of shielding materials provide high shielding effeteness in shielding the data pair from external EMI/RF electrical noise from the surrounding environment in addition to other power cables, and audio components in close proximity to these USB Assemblies.

Our construction, design and technologies results in a USB audio cable that is much quieter than any other USB cable in the high-end audio marketplace today. Technology dictates, the quieter the cable, the more detail you can hear in the music. And with the majority of high-end audio USB cables available for purchase, the word “Musicality” is seldom heard or ever used! This is where TARA Labs USB cables shine! Using our unique construction methodologies, technologies as well as patented materials, TARA Labs has created a pair of high-end audio USB cables that offer exceptional musicality, with nuanced details, expansive soundstage, as well as spatial cues. We are talking about the heart and soul of what we audiophiles live and breathe for…. Musicality! Not the typical analytical sounding USB cables that are in the marketplace. The Artist and Master w/EVO will greatly enhance and high-end audio 2-channel system, home theater and near-field audio systems.

TARA Labs USB cables are terminated with gold plated 2.0 connectors. Currently, both the Artist USB and the Master USB cables are terminated with a choice of either: Type A to Type B and Type A to Type A. The Master USB cable also includes our EVO Floating Ground Station system. Both cable models are custom hand-crafted at our factory in Oregon, USA, and lifetime guaranteed.