The Muse w/HFX Ground Station


  • RCA (“Torque-Lock”) or XLR termination
  • All PTFE Teflon air dielectric spacers and center tube
  • Twin axial-design features RSC Gen2 conductors using Aero-PTFE dielectric
  • HFX Floating Ground Station System
  • Extremely open and detailed
  • Expansive 3 dimensional soundstage
  • Exceptional low noise floor
  • Superb musciality
  • 8pF (cable capacitance measured in picofarads / pF)

The Muse interconnects will offer the listener a cable that has superb high-frequency extension, as well as being exquisitely revealing of low level ambient and spatial information. You will hear an impressively low noise floor, pin-point imaging with the absence of distortion, which also includes an equally impressive soundstage.

Rounding out this complete audio cable package is a characteristic presence of superb musicality! The listener can expect to hear their music played with such feeling and such emotion, that the performance level of these cables would absolutely alleviate any thoughts of uncertainty or doubt, by even the strongest critics of an audio cables performance. The Muse series cables will take the listener to places of musicality that very few cables can ever hope to match.

The construction of the Muse interconnect begins with the precise measuring, machining, and cutting of TARA labs proprietary materials. Beginning with our 99.999999% pure rectangular solid core copper conductors that are super-annealed, oxygen–free, mono-crystal, and frequency-tuned. The conductors are then hand-polished and coated in our proprietary liquid dielectric to prevent oxygenation before inserting into PTFE Teflon lumens air tubes. The meticulous hand-crafted construction techniques used by our technicians, then assemble these materials into an audio cable that is capable of bringing recorded music as close to live as you can get. TARA Labs legendary HFX floating ground station system is also included with all Muse interconnects.