The Muse


  • BSM (with interchangeable Spades and/or Bananas)
  • 144 RSC Gen 2 conductor per channel
  • 8+ gauge conductor runs
  • Positive/negative run for each channel
  • Positive/negative conductor runs are 72 conductors each
  • Extremely transparent and neutral
  • Midrange and vocals are life-like with realism and presence
  • Increased sense of warmth and richness
  • Vivid and detailed imagery
  • Musical, elegant and refined sound

The Muse Speaker Cable is a newly developed high-end speaker cable from TARA Labs. Construction includes using PTFE (Teflon) air-tube construction along with a trio of helixed Rectangular Solid Core® conductors. Each channel uses 144 Rectangular Solid Core® conductors with a total gauge size greater than a 6-gauge conductor, together with the high frequency extension and linearity of a 32-gauge conductor. This cable provides exceptional performance and high current carrying capability and is truly a high-end reference audio cable at a price that is far below comparable reference cables. The Muse Speaker Cable has excellent mid-range & bass weight. Neutrality and revealing in all frequencies, as well as excellent spatial cues. The main characteristic of the Muse speaker cables are their incredible musicality! Beautiful, refined, with outstanding detail and extension. A cable this is “listenable” for hours on end with no fatigue whatsoever.

**For replacement banana or spade plugs, please email:**