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As we all know, most high-end audio cable manufactures have to deal with the problem of counterfeit cables. Individuals who manufacture poor quality audio cables and sell them online as an official brand.

TARA Labs is especially hit hard with this as all our cables are custom hand-crafted and known world-wide as the best audio cables in the industry for over thirty-seven years. These individuals try to re-create illegal TARA Lab cables in their home and sell them as official TARA Labs cables online. These fake cables can look very similar to TARA Labs on the outside, and can easily pass the untrained eye. But on the inside they are absolutely poor imitations using inferior materials and construction methods. This has always been a problem for us throughout the years. We are often contacted by individuals who bought them online, and ask us to authenticate those cables as official TARA Labs audio cables. We always inform them that we are not able to authenticate any cable by photos alone, but that they can send it to us to check it out. And in 9 out of 10 times, we find these cables to be poor imitations of TARA Labs audio cables. When we inform these people that they just purchased a fake TARA labs, they always ask: “What can I do as I spent thousands of dollars?” Well there is nothing we can do except to try and find these individuals and inform the website they were bought on. But in truth, buyers who are blocked just go back under another false name and do it again.

The previous image shown is a cable that was recently sent to us. To the untrained eye, this actually looks like an official TARA labs audio cable. And a lot of work went into it. But right away we could see that it was not ours. Once we opened it, we could plainly see this was a fake! So it is important to tell all your customers who buy our cables… Only purchase TARA Labs cables from an official authorized TARA Labs dealer.