Artist LE AC Power Cable


  • 12 Gauge conductor runs
  • SA-OF8N copper
  • 34 RSC, Gen2 conductors helixed around a Teflon Air-tube
  • Each Neutral run is double shielded with Anti-corrosive coated SA-OF8N copper braid
  • TARA labs RSC & Air-Tube technology
  • Picture imagery is extremely sharp with excellent contrast and fine details
  • Spatial cues with excellent high-frequency extension
  • Unsurpassed sonic realism & musicality & soundstage

The Artist LE AC power cable is an superb AC power cable that combines TARA labs Air-tube technology and RSC conductors. 34 Rectangular Solid Core conductors are helixed around a Teflon center tube. 2 additional trio’s of pure copper are additionally helixed, each 12 gauge neutral run is double -shielded with our Anti-corrosive coated SA-OF8N reference grade braided shield, as well as an additional “fast-ground” to copper shield. A pair of terminations is added, and the result is an exceptional power cable that compares to other cables costing twice the price. Excellent picture sharpness, full color saturation, and contrast ration are excellent, fine detail & nuances, as well as wide sound stage and musicality. The Artist LE is structurally similar to The echo, but with advanced shielding and geometry, this cable offer better protection against EMI/RF interference, thereby a cable with a lower noise floor which offers additional details and high frequency extension.