Master LE AC Power Cable


  • 12 Gauge conductor runs
  • SA-OF8N copper
  • 42 RSC, Gen2 conductors helixed around a Teflon Air-tube
  • Each Neutral run is custom double shielded with Anti-corrosive coated SA-OF8N copper braid
  • TARA labs RSC & Air-Tube patented technology
  • Picture imagery is extremely sharp with excellent contrast and fine nuance details
  • Spatial cues are excellent with superb high-frequency extension
  • Unsurpassed sonic realism & musicality & soundstage

The Artist LE AC power cable is an superb AC power cable that combines TARA labs Air-tube technology and RSC conductors. 42 Rectangular Solid Core conductors are helixed around a Teflon center tube. 2 pairs of additional 7 sets of pure copper are additionally helixed, each 12 gauge neutral run is double -shielded with our Anti-corrosive custom coated SA-OF8N reference grade braided shield, as well as an additional “fast-ground” to copper shield technology. A pair of terminations is added, and the result is an exceptional power cable that compares to other cables costing twice the price. *An upgrade to Oyaide termination is available. Excellent picture sharpness, full color saturation, and contrast ration are superb, with excellent fine detail & nuances, as well as extra wide sound stage and musicality. The Master LE is constructed with advanced shielding and geometry, and this cable offers excellent protection against EMI/RF interference, giving this cable a lower noise floor which offers excellent perception with details and high frequency extension.