Echo LE Interconnect


  • All new air tube design
  • Controlled geometry for stable electrical characteristics
  • Teflon and Aero PE filament ensuring a high percentage of overall air dielectric
  • Each channel is a twin axial
  • Each channel uses a RSC Gen 2 conductor for separate positive & negative runs
  • SA-OF8N: 99.999999% pure copper conductor, mono-crystal, oxygen-free, frequency-tuned, rectangular solid core
  • Anti-corrosion coated copper shield
  • Extremely transparent, detailed, open & revealing
  • Fine resolution of detail
  • Image outlines clearly defined, life-like imagery & soundstage

The Eros LE interconnects use a TARA Labs solid core SA-OF8N copper conductor. Super-annealed, oxygen-free, mono-crystal pure copper. The Eros LE balanced audio cables are terminated with XLR, and is constructed using a silver coated copper shielding. The Eros interconnect terminated with torque lock RCA does not employ a metal braid shield. The Eros LE interconnects are terminated with your choice of RCA (Torque-lock) or custom XLR balanced connectors. This unique high-end audio cable series included Limited Edition quantities of interconnects, speaker, digital & AC power cables. This high-end audio cable offers a performance level found in cables costing twice the price! With a Capacitance figure of only 10 pF (picofarads) per foot. This translates to an interconnect that has an outstanding high frequency bandwidth offering superb high frequency extension. The Echo LE construction uses a minimal amount of dielectric material and a pair of the Rectangular Solid Core™ conductors.

The sound of The Echo LE is completely neutral and absolutely revealing with high frequency and airy detail that is not found in comparable audio cables.

The Echo LE = 10pF (cable capacitance is measured in picofarads /pF)