The Cobalt™ Reference AC


  • Oyaide standard IEC plug
  • Available in 15 or 20 amp
  • Available with US or Euro plugs
  • Clear, precise & natural sound
  • Well-shaped imagery that is well defined
  • Rich full mid-range & tight bass
  • Wide superb sound-stage & spatial cues
  • High-frequency extension with nuanced details
  • Crisp clean sound signal
  • Excellent musicality
  • Neutral sound with clear presentation

The Cobalt AC Reference Power Cable is a reference quality AC Power Cable having both High-Frequency conductors (Rectangular Solid Core) matched with specially adapted Low Frequency conductors. The Cobalt Reference AC has 18 high frequency conductors for the Live run, and 18 high frequency conductors for the Neutral run. The Ground path is comprised of shielding and 18 AWG solid core conductors that are fitted with Ceralex® capsules.