The Grandmaster Evolution Speaker Links


  • BSM (Banana/Spade interchangeable termination module)
  • Each run is 14” in length
  • Helixed RSC/Rectangular solid core copper conductors & air-tube technology
  • Aero-PE GMI dielectric
  • Separate positive and negative conductor run for each set of binding posts
  • RSC conductors are individually insulated with a fine layer of aerospace polyethylene
  • Each run comprised of 56 SA-OF8N / RSC pure copper conductors
  • Spectacular clarity, power and fine resolution of micro-details
  • Superbly defined imagery and spatial cues
  • Holographic soundstage, with exceptional dimensionality
  • Incredible dynamic contrast & vivid imagery

The Grandmaster Evolution speaker links deliver such realism as well as holographic imagery. The exceptionally wide soundstage is full of dimensionality, filling all the spatial cues one should expect from the very best! In addition to the pin-point imaging, clear resolution of fine micro details in the music, you will hear a truly live reproduction of the recorded music. This is accomplished by 224 SA-OF8N RSC conductors. will be an extremely low-noise floor with added depth and perception. The reproduction of the recorded space is impressively holographic which becomes more apparent as your speaker brand goes up in quality, which is what the Grandmaster Evolution speaker link technologies should be paired with in order to achieve maximum results. The Grandmaster Evolution speaker links has a level of performance that is unsurpassed by any other speaker link manufacturer in the world today.