The Muse Speaker Links


  • BSM (Banana/Spade interchangeable termination module)
  • Each run is 14” in length
  • Helixed RSC/Rectangular solid core copper conductors
  • RSC conductors are individually insulated with a fine layer of aerospace polyethylene
  • Each run comprised of 21 SA-OF8N pure copper conductors
  • Separate positive and negative conductor run for each channel
  • Increased clarity, power and fine resolution of details
  • Superbly defined imagery and spatial cues
  • Excellent soundstage and spatial cues

The Muse speaker links technology includes using PTFE (Teflon) air tube construction. These links provide a high performance and high current capabilities that make this an excellent speaker link for all high-end reference speakers. With excellent weight in the mid-range along with solid deep bass weight, the Muse speaker links offer incredible musicality that is well defined, beautiful with high-frequency extension.