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TARA Labs has just received the MONO & STEREO review on our Muse interconnects and speaker cables. As many know already, Mono & Stereo is the premier high-end audio magazine for all of Europe.

Matej Isak has been reviewing high-end components for decades and is revered as one of the best high-end equipment reviewers.

Below is a link to the complete review, as well as a few excerpts of that review. We are very happy to be awarded “Editors Choice Award 2023” for the Muse series cables.

(Another award to add to TARA Labs being the most award winning high-end cable manufacturer in the world for over thirty seven years)

Review excerpts

“TARA Labs cables brought out the ghastly realistic crazy overtones of Solflöjt, making the soundscape evolve beyond expectations, with an almost eerie impact.”

“Even at low-level listening, the Muse cable duo ignited remarkable detail and density, laser-sharp pin-pointed notes with utterly fast attacks and unrounded leading edges.”

“The TARA Labs Muse potent cable double-decker revealed layers of depth, unraveling the musical encounter that is not easy to forget, as the recording itself. Many cables, regardless of the price, act with self-effacing phenomena. Muse cables dare to differ, leaving a lingering and lasting effect on the listener. They are akin to delving into the actuality of the music rather than projecting the sum of analytical parts.”

“TARA Labs Muse offers a soulful rendition and a submissive aural spectacle where the listener is confronted with an immense, harmonic musical energy that lingers in space with a sense of limitlessness of the listening horizon.”

Full MONO & STEREO TARA Labs review –