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(Recent letter we received from a customer)

Please let all the personnel know that I fully appreciate the quality of their products, the expert work they do and the patience and time they take to do it. I know fully well that no one in your company would ever do less than the reputation of your company demanded.

You had every right to share my e-mail with them. In doing so they know they are under absolutely no pressure from me to expedite their craft to save a little time. They certainly know that the best cannot be rushed to be the best it can be.

As always, I cannot express my thanks enough to you and your wonderful staff. I have never experienced such superb customer service from any company and that includes car dealers from Honda to Toyota and BMW and high end audio manufacturers, although some have come close but are still not on your level.

Your standards are exemplary for the industry. I do not understand why any serious audiophile would ever consider any cable products other than Tara Labs!

I do not wish to forget Merrill, of course. He has extended his generosity to me twice now of course. It is not often that the President of a company extends himself on a personal customer level.

Thank you so much again. If I lived in your area I would treat you all to a dinner at the restaurant of your choice!

Sincerely and with the Kindest Regards,

Bob Nowinski

Your dear friend and satisfied customer in TN