Echo LE Speaker Cable


  • BSM (1/4” spades & bananas)
  • SA-OF8N copper conductors
  • 14 RSC conductors per channel in Aero PE dielectric
  • 56 total conductors per pair of The Echo
  • Transparent & natural
  • Well defined and revealing
  • High-frequency extension with true reference qualities
  • Musicality with beautiful tones and harmonics

The Echo LE Limited Edition speaker cables are comprised of our latest speaker technologies. Each run of cable uses our proprietary TARA Labs Air tube technology. This features our flexible colorless Teflon tubes, having fourteen (14) RSC (Rectangular Solid Core) conductors that are coated with a proprietary liquid that eliminates oxygenation from the copper over the lifetime of the cables, and are helixed around each center tube. The conductors themselves inserted into mini Teflon tubes which are then helixed around a main Teflon center tube. And each pair of The Echo LE speaker cables consists of four separate runs (two positive and two negative) thereby the entire pair consists of one fifty-six (56) individual conductors. Each conductor is RSC (Rectangular Solid Core) SA-OF8N, 99.999999% pure copper, super-annealed, oxygen-free, mono-crystal, frequency-tuned. Regarding our proprietary RSC, please see our website on the effects on sound performance regarding “skin effect”, which is virtually eliminated by using our RSC conductors. In addition to using our latest design & technologies, it is also the geometry of the cables construction that separates and rises TARA labs products above all other cable manufacturers. Each pair of speaker cables comes with our standard BSM termination, which is a combination of bananas and spades. These terminations are interchangeable and allow the user to quickly switch between bananas and spades.

The sound of The Echo LE speaker cable can be described as a reference high-end audio cable. With tight full mid-range and bass weight. Excellent high frequency extension, wide soundstage, with excellent musicality. All custom hand-crafted in Southern Oregon, USA. Lifetime guaranteed.