Eros LE Speaker Cable


  • BSM (with interchangeable Spades and/or Bananas)
  • SAOF-8N copper conductors
  • 10+ gauge conductor runs
  • Each Teflon tube is helixed with RSC Gen 2 conductors
  • Neutral & revealing, with natural sound
  • Linear and extended high frequencies
  • Natural midrange and vocal frequencies
  • Tight and articulate bass frequencies

The new limited-edition Eros LE speaker cables are specifically constructed using TARA Labs technologies. The design of these audio cables is too highlight the music recordings while defining the audio signals high-frequency extension, which in turn translates to a rich full mid-range and tight bass. Used in conjunction, the Eros LE interconnects and speaker cables will vastly improve and upgrade an audiophiles music system.

The Eros LE speaker cables construction begins with TARA Labs pressure stranded SA-OF8N copper conductor. Super-annealed, oxygen-free, mono-crystal pure copper pressure-stranded conductors. Two for the positive channel and two for the negative channel. The conductors are then coated with a SVPE dielectric. The Eros LE speaker cables are terminated with TARA Labs BSM (Banana spade module) which allows the user to switch effortlessly between both gold-plated bananas or spade termination. The Eros LE delivers a completely neutral sound that is natural and rich in consistency. Each of the Eros LE audio cables is custom hand-crafted in Southern Oregon, USA and lifetime guaranteed. The Echo LE speaker cables uses TARA Labs Air-tube technology. The Echo LE speaker cables are a high-performance and highly affordable speaker cable. Each channel is comprised of two separate large Teflon tubes. Each Teflon tube is helixed with RSC Gen 2 conductors, making a total of four runs (2 x Positive, 2 x negative) for a total of 56 conductors per “pair”.  The Eros LE speaker cables has focused bass frequencies, with a very neutral and revealing midrange, as well as high-frequency extension with precision and lifelike quality.