Master LE Speaker Cable


  • BSM (Banana, spade termination modules that are interchangeable)
  • 244 SA-OF8N pure copper conductors
  • RSC / Rectangular solid core 99.999999% pure copper conductors
  • Extremely transparent & neutral
  • Excellent high frequency extension
  • Bass frequencies are tight and well-focused, mid-range is rich and full
  • Natural & neutral with superb musicality
  • Exceptional spatial cues & wide well-defined holographic soundstage
  • Hand-crafted in Oregon, USA. Lifetime guaranteed

The Master LE speaker cables are a limited-edition pair of reference audio speaker cables from TARA labs. These audio cables are an exceptional high-end reference speaker cables that will offer an exceptional performance and enhancement to any 2-channel (or home theater audio system) Especially when paired with other The Master LE audio cables in that series such as interconnects, digital, and AC cables. Starting with our SA-OF8N 99.999999% pure copper conductors that are mono-crystal, oxygen-free, frequency-tuned, rectangular solid core conductors. Each “pair” of The Master LE speaker cables consists of 4 separate cable runs:  (2 x positive, 2 x negative) Each length of the 4 cable runs consists of 18 RSC/SA-OF8N conductors helixed around a Teflon air tube, with 3 separate conductor runs within each main run. That is 54 conductors per cable run. An additional 7 conductors are added during the construction phase using TARA Labs proprietary construction technologies for a total of 244 RSC/SA-OF8N copper conductors per “pair” of The Master LE speaker cables.